2023’s Guide to Agility in Talent Acquisition
April 5, 2023 at 11am ET
2023 is a year of volatility and talent strategy is high on the boardroom’s agenda.

Talent leaders and their teams must constantly adapt to unexpected changes. The current economic decisions, hiring freezes, and evolving business strategies have highlighted the importance of being able to pivot, in order to maintain a competitive advantage and reduce risk.
85% of talent acquisition leaders anticipated difficulty in forecasting future talent needs in 2021, and 95% are expecting their organizations' talent acquisition requirements to be highly volatile over the next two years.

Join SHL’s talent acquisition experts in this webinar where they discuss:
  • How candidate potential, readiness, and fit can be used to predict new hire performance
  • How to complete a job analysis
  • How to use assessment technology to adapt to market changes

This program is valid for 0.5 SHRM professional development credits (PDCs).
Meet our Hosts
Andrew Nelesen
Solutions Group Leader
Sheilin Herrick
Solution Leader,
Technology Hiring
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